Saturday, September 21, 2013

[Nifty Tricks] Format Number to Indian Numbering System In Javascript

Recently I was looking for a way to format a number to Indian Numbering System in Javascript. After doing fair amount of Google search I couldn't find any so I created my own with some help from Stackoverflow etc. Here is the code -

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Visualization of AAP Donation Data Using Google Maps API

Here is the new Set of Visualization of Aam Aadmi Party Donations Using Google Maps API.
New features in this visualization are -
  • Using Google Maps API and Geo search to visualize total donations across different districts in India
  • More research on donation patterns and coming up with best logical scale to represent data more accurately. The area of the circle roughly corresponds to the donation amount except if it is very large or small were a minimum and maximum limit has been enforced
  • Zoom In/Zoom Out to aggregate data interactively at District, State and Country level
  • Using data till date 3-Sep-2013 14:02:01 UTC.

As always I am looking for your feedback on how to improve it further. Please leave them in the comments section.