Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting The Journey

An interesting thing happened with me yesterday. I just decided to run. Run in TOI Midnight Marathon.

Wow !!! What an experience. I usually do running on treadmill, but running with some 10,000 people was amazing. I thought I could do it easily, since I am used running about 3 kms in Gym, but 5 kms on the road, with about thousand people trying to get ahead of you charges up you a bit and makes you do something silly.

That is what happened. I charged as soon as the race started, exhausting myself following the one in front, leaving him behind and getting a new target. I ended up walking in the end, helplessly watching those I left behind jogging ahead of me.

This was a good learning. And so, I decided I should write about it. The mistakes I did and things I should've done.
1. Follow your rythm : That is what winners do, don't get distracted, don't get demotivated when the guy ahead starts walking and seeing that your body loosens up.
2. Prepare for the full run : Running 100m was not the goal, the 5 km was what I signed for. Should've kept that in mind

I am taking a resolution today. Not one of those new year resolution, but the one that I am going to work towards. Vikas got me tempted for the half marathon at The Great Tibetan Marathon. I told him we shall do it this year. Running 20 kms shouldn't be a big deal for me. But now running those 5 kms have got me the sense of reality than anything ever will. Over that the marathon is on about 4500kms above sea level where the oxygen density will also be very less.

So now, seriously looking at this challenge, I am ready to for it. I didn't had a challenge of this sort for long time now, so achieving it will be getting sense of life again.

I am not going to run wild this time. I've got the stuff that will help me set in the right direction.

Will keep you posted about this adventure/resolution.