Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick Visualization of Aam Aadmi Party Donations per District

Update - Check out the New Visualizations of AAP Donations using Google Maps Visualization API
I did a quick scraping of Aam Aadmi Party donations list to get some insights on how this political movement is going on. A quick and dirty visualization on 2 parameters - Number of Donors and Total Amount donated from each district would give a good idea of their support base. Thanks to S Anand of Gramener for providing the district level SVG map of India, I was able to plot the crunched numbers in form of Chorolpleth using D3 and do the analysis. Here is the generated graph -


  • AAP has support in pockets. Mainly Delhi - Jaipur and surrounding areas, Mumbai - Goa - North Karnataka
  • It has good support in first tier cities of Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad
  • And 2nd tier cities of Pune, Nagpur, Indore, Jaipur
  • A handful of people in other cities which is better compared to regional parties which are non-existent in other states


  • This is a quick and dirty visualization presented based on public information. I take no guarantee on correctness or completeness of the analysis presented. Kindly use your own judgement in forming any conclusions.
  • The color coding needs to be worked on and is not propotional. So kindly rely on dynamic data presented on hovering the districts
  • The observations are based on donation information. So any conclusions needs to take account of it.


  • All the code to scrape the website and raw data can be accessed at Github repository.


  1. awesome work Amir.

  2. Please do this .. for world wide. Would be very useful for people to analyze

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to do it for world wide. Will publish it soon.

      Thanks for feedback.

      - Amir

  3. Hi Amir,
    I run, would u like to be part of it and run this map there.


    1. Hi Ravi,

      I would be delighted to be part of it and help you out putting the analysis there. Can you add me on Linkedin ( ) and we can catchup.

    2. Ravi,
      I was about to ask him. But you always beat me. grrr..


  4. Replies
    1. AAP is running a fund raising campaign for August, I am hoping to fetch the new data as soon as early next month.

      - Amir

  5. Please assign one state with one color and divide districts with black line.

  6. Very informative. Need to improve by state borders representation and color scheme. Also helps if you can provide a link to district wise list

  7. That is super cool !

    Can you get in touch with AAP and integrate it as part of their website.

    Another suggestion. Is there a way to 'zoom-in' on the map to see details. ?

  8. Dear Friends,
    Great Job. If all of us do a bit, we are there.

  9. Great Job, However Moradabad District is missing in UP. Instead you have shown Phule District. There is no district with the name Phule in UP, and therefore it is showing 0 donors. Please correct it to Moradabad.

    1. Thanks for Input.

      India is such a diverse country, we do not even have an Official English name for districts in the country. Have a look at and you will realize the problem. The spelling of the district varies on the website and on wikipedia, and every other day districts keep getting renamed based on some Neta or their relatives.

      I tried my best to correct it, as well I will take your input to do the correction.

  10. Hi Amir,

    this is really good..

    I have send this link to AAP they told me that.. we will work on this.

    one more thing.. Varanasi city is missing in this

    1. I am waiting to get in touch with AAP and work with them on this. I will be grateful if you can put me in touch with them.

      I will do the correction and push out a new and more interactive report in coming days.


  11. Excellent work Amir..!! I think it would be better if you also create a Facebook page about this analysis and post the link here. We can easily reach more and more people worldwide.


  12. A technology will be surely get its liveliness when it is used for the not-profitable purpose like this.

  13. How about per capita donation graph ?
    That will be much clearer picture of AAP's penetration.

    Per Capita Donation (of district)= total donation (of district)/ District population

  14. Great job mate! I love to see peoples involvement. We are heading for a real change. Jai Hind brothers and sisters.

  15. Great work Amir.
    Did you generated new graph for this month.
    Also will good to hear if Aap has adopted this district wise display and create a facebook page for this.

  16. Amazing job... Can you please update based on latest data?

  17. good job. - Himanshu, New Jersey, USA

  18. Hey Amir,
    Thats a great Job.. I am planning to do some district level analytics / prediction with the donor list for AAP.
    Could you please let me know how you extracted the data of donors list from the site?

    Asif - University of Illinois at Chicago

  19. Donations open again if you want to donate

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